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Astigmatism demontrated by corneal topography

OCT Macula

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Macular Scar From ToxoplasmosisToxoplasmosis Macular Scar
Branch retinal Vein Occlusion from Uncontrolled HypertensionBranch Retinal Vein OcclusionChoroidal Nevus can transform into intraocular MelanomaChoroidal Nevus of Retina


Liva Eye Center is a Complete Eye Care Facility


From major and minor eye surgery to routine eye exams for the detection and prevention of eye disease.

Adult , Pediatric and Geriatric Ophthalmology .

Emergencies are handled in a timely manner.

Aside from Cataract Surgery, LASIK and glaucoma treatment, here are some of the services we offer:

Comprehensive Eye Examinations


A routine eye exam for the detection and prevention of ocular disease includes:

  • Extensive medical history

  • Tests for binocula vision and color vision

  • Tonometry to screen for glaucoma

  • External examination of the eye and lids

  • Slit lamp bimicroscopy to detect cataracts and corneal disease

  • Muscle balance evaluation to determine ocular alignment

  • Vitreous examination for floaters

  • Retinal examination for detection of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy and a myriad of other retinal diseases

  • Bimicroscopy of the optic nerve which is especially useful in detecting glaucoma

Optical Services

  • Refractions

    to determine eyeglass prescriptions for nearsightedness(myopia), farsightedness(hyperopia), astigmatism and presbyopia.


  • Contact Lens Fitting

    daily and extended wear soft lenses, rigid gas permeable, multifocal and toric lenses for astigmatism


  • Optical Boutique



Medical Services for Ophthalmic Conditions Including:

  • Cataract Evaluation

  • Glaucoma detection and management

  • Eyelid Conditions such as Blepharitis and Chalazions

  • Corneal Diseases suchs as Fuch's Dystrophy and Recurrent Corneal Erosions

  • Dry Eye Treatment including Lacrimal Plugs and Restasis

  • Uveitis

  • Floaters

  • Retinal Diseases including Macular Degeneration and Retinal Detachment

  • Diabetic Eye Exams

  • Strabismus and Eye Muscle Disorders

  • Emergency Evaluation and Treatment of Eye Injuries

  • Pediatric Ophthalmology including detection and treatment of amblyopia

corneal transplant

Corneal Transplant by Dr. Liva




Surgical Services


  • Lasik and PRK LaserVision Correction performed in our Allegretto Wave IQ Laser Suite

  • Cataract Surgery

  • Glaucoma Surgery including SLT Laser and Trabeculectomy

  • Eye Plastic & Recontructive Surgery including Blepharoplasty

  • Eye Muscle Surgery

  • Yag Laser Posterior Capsulotomy for Secondary Cataracts

  • Laser Iridotomy for Narrow Angle Glaucoma

  • Intraocular Eye Surgery performed in our outpatient surgical center Saddle River Valley Surgical Center

  • Minor eye surgery performed in a minor surgery treatment room in Liva Eye Center

  • Corneal Transplantation

    The cornea is the outer layer of the eye. If disease or trauma damage the cornea, vision can be severely impaired. Fortunately, corneal transplantation is a surgery that can help. By obtained corneal tissue from an organ donor, Dr. Liva can remove the damaged tissue and replace it.

Diagnostic Testing & Imaging

Glasses and Contact Lenses


We can measure your refractive error in our office and help determine what an appropriate eyeglass or contact lens prescription is for you. We can also help with the fitting of new contact lenses. We offer a wide range of glasses and contact lenses. Contact lens options include: soft, gas permeable, toric, bifocal, and colored lenses.

Restor Intraocular Lens

Cataract Surgery


A cataract is a clouding that occurs on the lens of the eye-- usually as a natural part of the aging process. Cataracts are a major cause of vision loss in the United States. Most people will eventually experience some cataract formation as they age. The good news is that cataract surgery is a highly effective way to restore vision impaired by cataracts.

In an eye without cataracts, light passes first through the clear lens before being focused on the retina (nerve cells at the back of the eye). The image formed on the retina is then transmitted to the brain. Cataracts interfere with this normal visual process. Cataracts make the lens of eye cloudy, so light does not focus on the retina properly. The result is hazy, milky, or distorted vision.

Dr. Liva performs cataract surgery with an advanced technique called phacoemulsification. In this technique, ultrasound is used to break up the cataractous lens first into segments. The fragments are vacumned out through a tiny incision. Dr. Liva then implants the highest quality intraocular lenses (clear artificial lenses) available through a tiny (2.4 millimeter) incision.

The incision made in cataract surgery heals on its own, usually without requiring any stitches. A stitch may be placed if it is determined that the wound may not be water tight. Anesthetic eye drops keeps you comfortable during the procedure. We have a Board Certified Anesthesiologist monitor your condition and keep you comfortable the entire time. Intravenous sedation is administered as necessary.

There has never been a better time to have cataract surgery. Recent advances have made the procedure safer, more effective, more comfortable with the additional benefit of faster visual recovery.