How EBK™ is different than other procedures?
Epi-Bowman’s Keratectomy (EBK™) is unique in its precision and is the only form of refractive surgery that assures no damage to the cornea.

Fast recovery: EBK™ creates a smooth and precise edge, allowing for a quick recovery of only a few days.

Safe: The technology behind EBK™ allows Dr. Liva to perform excimer laser surgery without the creation of a Lasik flap thereby eliminating flap complications. Each procedure is done with a new, single use, sealed, EpiClear tip, guaranteeing sterility and minimizing risks of infection.

Accuracy: The procedure gently removes all of the epithelial layer and only the epithelial layer providing the perfect treatment bed for the laser treatment. The doctor then reshapes the cornea using the excimer laser, which is precise to the hundredth of a millimeter.

Fast: Both the removal of the epithelium and the reshaping of the cornea are done within minutes for each eye, allowing for a fast and comfortable procedure.

ORCA Epiclear Device