Liva Eye Center offers pediatric eye care. Infants are usually screened for visual problems by the pediatrician. However, the child should be examined by an ophthalmologist if there is any concern about an infant’s vision or ocular alignment. Otherwise, it is recommended for a child to have a comprehensive eye examination with an ophthalmologist to detect any significant refractive error (eyeglass prescription), strabismus or intraocular pathology by the age of three. At this age the patient is usually old enough to have their vision measured and eyes examined for refractive errors or ocular misalignment which could lead to amblyopia. Amblyopia causes the permanent loss of visual development in one eye if left untreated. Most cases of amblyopia respond poorly to treatment after the age of 5. The results of the initial examination will determine the appropriate followup.

Although many schools and pediatricians offer annual eye exams, they are for screening purposes and do not substitute for a comprehensive visual exam by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. 

Pay attention to these five symptoms as they can be related to vision problems for children: rubbing the eyes, excessive blinking, frequent squinting, regular headaches or closing one eye to focus.